What do Japanese mean by Goro Goro ?

"Goro Goro" is an onomatopoeia (a word that imitates sound) that is used in many ways...

For example, it is used both when talking about the sound of a rumbling stomach and the sound of distant thunder.

Not to mention, it can also be used for the sound of a cat purring!

But, the meaning that I want to introduce today is different...

しゅうまつ、なにを しましたか。Shūmatsu, nani o shi-mashita ka.

What did you do on the weekend?

いえで ごろごろしていましたよ。Ie de goro goro shite i-mashita yo.

I was chilling out at home ...

"Gorogoro" + する( do ) means "to idle about at home". 

Originally, the sound "ゴロ" (goro) represented the sound of something rolling. Therefore, ゴロゴロ (goro goro) could be used to talk about lying down or turning over. Then ゴロゴロ (goro goro) came to mean lying down at home, spending time doing nothing special.

Goro Goro or Dara Dara ?? 

There is also a similar expression "だらだら" (dara dara).

It describes an action or a situation dragging on. It has a slightly negative nuance, indicating lack of motivation or laziness.

いえで だらだらしていましたよ。Ie de dara dara shite i-mashita yo.

I was killing time at home.

But unlike « ごろごろ », « だらだら » can also be used for situations outside of the house.

おそくまで だらだら はたらきます。Osoku made dara dara hataraki-masu.

Work slugglishly until late.

だらだら あるきます。Dara dara aruki-masu.

Walk lazily. 

What are you doing this weekend? Goro Goro or Dara Dara ?





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