What do Japanese mean by ‘cat’s forehead’ ??

This cute expression ねこのひたい (neko no hitai) is commonly used in Japan.ねこ (neko) means « cat », ひたい (hitai) means « forehead ». Joining these two words...

Virus Protection from a Legendary Japanese Creature?

In Japan, where the coronavirus is widespread, there has been a lot of talk recently about various legendary creatures which were depicted in the Edo ...

How many common use kanji are there in Japanese?

History of Kanji  The characters in the Japanese language known as Kanji(かんじ)originated from China. Each kanji has its own meanings and sounds. T...

Why do Japanese people display Samurai helmets on May 5th?

Hi, are you doing well ? It's already May! So today let's talk about a Japanese traditional custom that's celebrated in May. A long time ago, May 5th ...

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